McEntyre, Ramona Principal
Minter, Mike Assistant Principal

Barker, Vivian 6th grade - Science
Blevins, Angie 5th grade - Math
Bolton, Annie Computer Lab
Bumpus, Jane Librarian
Campbell, Jannell 5th grade - Exceptional Education
Cash, Paula Art
Chambers, Ashley 8th grade - Math
Donahue, Shasta CDC
Evans, Robin 5th grade - Math
Haggard, Jacklyn 7th grade - Science
Howard, Jeff 7th grade - Social Studies
Keef, Chelsie 5th grade - Science
Kelley, Brittany 8th grade - Language Arts
Kitchen, Kirby 5th grade - Language Arts
Lawson, Connie 5th grade - Reading
Lewis, Allison 6th grade - Language Arts
Long, Paige 8th grade - Science
McCrary, Elizabeth 7th grade - Reading
McCulley, Bobby 5th grade - Social Studies
McCulley, Jamie 6th grade - Math
Minter, Mike Assistant Principal
Phillips, Shelley Physical Education
Pryor, Katie 6th grade - Reading
Sanders, J Project Lead the Way
Saylors, Kasie 8th grade - Social Studies
Shankles, Ashley 6th grade - Social Studies
Smith, Shannon 7th grade - Language Arts
St. Clair, Land Guidance
Webb, Grant Exceptional Education - Math
Wilson, Chip 7th grade - Math

Cockrell, Gidget CDC
Huckabee, Lorraine Secretary
Keel, Vanessa Intervention
Morrison, Ann Library and Intervention
Richards, Allison Bookkeeper
Shell, April School Nurse
Simpson, April CDC